Don’t Stop

At this time, I feel down. I know it’s normal but I just want to be silent, turn down my activities both working and studying. I am still young right now, almost 27 years ago and I just realize many things and I will share to you who younger than me.

The first, money absolutely can’t buy happiness. How big your money you have even you have big salary from your job, this doesn’t give you satisfaction. So, don’t worry if you have little money to run your life because Allah will keep you including your meals everyday.

The second, time flies so fast. You often realize that you just played with your friend when you were children. Moreover, the survey said that old people are disappointed because he didn’t travel around the world when he was young. Just follow your passion, it drives you in happiness. Go travel right now.

Third, don’t be employee for long time. If you’re achiever, just develop your ideas and make own business even though there is a little revenue. Be a boss and be a free man guys, it is amazing.

Fourth, stay for loving your families such us your wife, your parents or other. Families are our power to face problems mentally. Loving them is good way for better life. So, start to respect and talk with them.

Reach your dreams guys, make your life more interesting. Don’t stop to reach your dreams. Be a good man.

Juwari 13/01


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